Application Partners

Integration Guard is pleased to partner with the following companies to provide their users integration to solid models no matter where they the data was imported from.


Design Change Vectors combines a novel approach with a proprietary geometry based change recognition solution to provide a unique capability for sustained integration of solid models across CAD platforms. If you believe that this capability could benefit your customers and differentiate your product please contact us.

Reseller Program

Design Change Vectors is a complimentary addition to any CAD, CAM or other engineering application. It makes it easier for your users to smoothly integrate with data from more sources. When ease of use is the leading driver of buying decisions this provides a valuable differentiator.

In addition, this capability will smooth the transition as your customers implement their new purchase by supporting uninterrupted integration as they implement.

If you are interested in seeing a DCV demonstration or learning more about Integration Guard’s Reseller program please contact us.


Please contact for more information.