DCV® Elements

DCV® Difference Recognition

DCV Difference Recognition compares the new design and the original and recognizes the differences. It is able to recognize all common operations automatically and display them to the user as proposed modifications to existing entities (rather than assuming that the prior entity was deleted and a new one added) for confirmation or correction if needed. If needed, the user can manually input some matches and the system will extrapolate more based on that input.

The design goal is 50:1 automation versus time to implement the changes to the solid model. Thus a revision to the model that took 3 hours to implement, should take less than 4 minutes to map the entities from the previous to current version. DCV allows the user to group changes into specific CAD edits and reconcile the edits with an ECO.

DCV® Integration

DCV integration automatically applies the differences identified by DCV Difference Recognition in CAD files so that it appears native edited instead of re-importing and manually reengineering the entire new design.

DCV currently supports integration from all major CAD formats into Solidworks, Solid Edge, and FEMAP. Integration into Parasolids and CAM applications are expected to be available Q3 2014. Please contact us for information regarding addtional applications.

Coming Soon: DCV® Multi-CAD Integration Services

Upgrading or migrating CAD platforms no longer needs to disrupt your integration. Integration Guard can work with you to make your migration far more flexible by sustaining your integration regardless of which platform was used to make changes.

Many service providers promise a smooth migration if you follow their plan. We have the tools to make your project more flexible and forgiving for either a big bang or gradual transition. Because we have NO PRECONDITIONS on the source data we can even repair integration problems after the issue!

Services quoted upon request.